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The professional speed camera detector for anyone serious about protecting their driving licence. Road Angel are the market leading manufacturers of a range of GPS based speed camera detectors and have previously produced a range of satellite navigation systems.  Road Angel knows what lies ahead.

Classic Road Angel
The Original Road Angel (Now Road Angel Classic) was launched in 2002. Although it was not the first GPS detector for speed cameras it was the first to gain mass market sales due to endorsement by motor racing expert Tiff Needell of BBC's Top Gear and now Fifth Gear. This has a GPS based speedo and being a Road Safety Device would give one of four alerts for Fixed, Mobile, Average or Blackspot locations. This was updated in 2003 with the edition of a "Golf Ball" laser detector to help provide alerts of mobile camera vans, or police safety camera vans, as the safety camera partnerships were launched which use these speed camera vans with laser guns mounted in the back and hooked up to video cameras for photographic evidence.
New Road Angel
Next was launched the New Road Angel in 2004, now referred to as the Road Angel 2. This has an improved larger display better visual alerts and now voice alerts too - provided by Tiff Needell. The laser sensor is inbuilt into the detector with both forward and rear facing laser detection for a more portable plug and play unit. Along with Blackspot locations the New Road Angel will also alert to school locations and has an overspeed alert to warn if your speed creeps over a preset level, useful on motorways etc. It also gives more specific alerts distinguishing between Gatso, Truvelo and SPECS cameras for example. Between this and its predecessor Road Angel was now winning a whole host of awards from Auto ExpressAuto CarEvo Magazine and Redline to name a few.
Road Angel Navigator
Autumn 2005
In the Autumn of 2005 the Road Angel Navigator was launched combining speed camera detection and safety alert systems with Satellite Navigation, Sat Nav for short. Based on the same GPS principles this was the first combined system in the market using NAVTEQ maps and CoPilot interface. The Navigator can be used in dedicated Camera Detection mode or when navigating somewhere it will also alert you to speed cameras as you approach them. The Road Angel Navigator is essentially a mini pocket PC running on Windows CE and could power off 12v or 24v vehicles like lorries and HGVs.
Road Angel Compact
Winter 2005
Christmas 2005 was the platform for the launch of the Road Angel Compact. This came in two versions. The standard Compact which is completely database driven and was designed for manufacturer and sale across Europe. UK versions can be upgraded to include European Speed Camera data via a database download for a small additional fee. The second version is an upgraded model with an attachable laser sensor for the UK market. The laser sensor is available separately should you want to upgrade a Compact unit to a Compact with laser at a later date. The Compact was a replacement for the Classic Road Angel with updated features now including such details as an advisory speed limit warning at the fixed camera locations.
Road Angel Plus
Easter 2006
Easter 2006 saw the launch of the Road Angel Plus. Based on the award winning New Road Angel 2 the Plus has two major improvements. Firstly it's battery powered for a wireless setup requiring no installation or power cables trailing down the dashboard. This also makes the Road Angel Plus ideal for specialist sports cars without 12v sockets and for motorbike use. Secondly being database driven in addition to the fixed camera alerts it will also indicate the road speed limit, useful on unfamiliar roads.
Road Angel Navigator 6000
Summer 2006
In Summer 2006 the Road Angel developed the Navigator 6000 to take on the likes of TomTom with a cheaper sat nav using TeleAtlas maps but still with the quality Road Angel database. With touch screen navigation full 7 digit postcode search and 2D or 3D map options this is the ideal entry level system for people wanting a camera detector for everyday use and satellite navigation for occasional or weekend use.
Road Angel Navigator 7000
Autumn 2006
Following quickly in the Autumn of 2006 came the Navigator 7000, an upgrade of the Navigator 6000 with the major roads of Europe and Bluetooth capability.
Road Angel Navigator 7000 Adventurer
Spring 2007

In association with Memory Maps the 7000 has evolved into a crossover product with the ability to load on Ordnance Survey maps to the weather proof Navigator 7000 so you can use your sat nav unit it for hill walking, orienteering, mountain biking and any other outdoor off-road pursuit that would benefit for satellite based guidance and planning. The 7000 Adventurer comes boxed and pre-loaded with the OS National Parks 1:50,000 scale maps and other maps are available to buy. A standard Navigator 7000 can be upgraded to a 7000 adventurer unit to so everyone can get further value for money from their purchase.

Road Angel Navigator 9000
Summer 2007

The Road Angel Navigator 9000 is launched. This heralds a new generation of satellite navigation systems with a Connected status. Using the GPRS network, or mobile phone sim card in layman's terms, the Navigator 9000 will update itself every 2 minutes with traffic information and both fixed and mobile speed camera locations. Weather updates are also sent and the user can receive text messages too. Additional features of the GPRS connected status means routes can be remotely sent to the unit via a web portal and you can subscribe to track the unit and user which can be viewed on map so you can see where your staff or family members are.


Road Angel Professional
Spring 2008 

The Road Angel Professional is an updated version of the Road Angel Plus with a free new modern design incorporating a larger full colour screen and remote control operation. This also offers verbal confirmation of the speed limit at fixed camera locations

Road Angel Professional Connected
Spring 2008 

The Road Angel Professional Connected goes one stage further than the standard Professional unit with the live updating feature and optional tracking as found in the Navigator 9000. This means again that you never need to connect the unit to the PC for updates and your database never more than 2 minutes out of date. By sharing the data of live active mobile van locations with other Pro Connected and Nav 9000 users your driving licence is in safe hands.
Biketrac has been launched to take advantage of Road Angels GPS & GPRS technologies to offer customers live tracking of their Motorbikes. This can also be used on other equipment like boats, trailers, horse boxes etc.
Slotting in between the Professional and Pro Connected product offerings you now have the Road Angel Vantage. This is a Connected product but in addition to CameraShare it also offers SpeedShare as this product advises you of the prevailing speed limit on all roads, not just at the camera locations. You also have a larger 4.3" touch screen display for ease of use.
The Road Angel Gem is an all singing all dancing device giving you CameraShare and SpeedShare in a more discreet package at the lowest price ever. You really can now get more for less including eAssist should you need help.
The Road Angel Gem Deluxe is an all singing all dancing device giving you CameraShare and SpeedShare in a more discreet package at the lowest price ever. In addition with this unit you receive automatic updates direct to your unit.

Road Angel Group acquire RoadPilot Ltd, and also acquired certain assets and licences including the Pogo brand, from Origin Technologies Ltd.

The Gem+ & Gem+ Deluxe models get a facelift with a new rubberised case and screen enhancements with additional settings and customisation options.

Adding to Road Angels ethos of Road Safety the Road Angel Halo Dash camera is launched, with both front and rear cameras, to make sure you are fully covered against ‘crash-for-cash’ scams and other road users poor driving or adherence to the highway code.